It’s not too difficult!Did the referee help The green bucket?The popularity of Russian sports fans speaks for itself

2022-04-26 0 By

“Today you only won by 0.63 points. As the host players, how much of your victory do you think was home court advantage, because the referee gave you more help?”This “very direct question,” in Korean, was put to the press conference by a Russian-speaking reporter after the pair skating event on Feb. 19.Indeed, home is an unavoidable topic, from the performance, Morozov and Darasova’s performance can be perfect.And the green onion bucket’s 11 movements, there are two yellow lights.So in the end they won the game, so people always ask, did the referee help The bucket?In fact, the green onion bucket not only has four twists of difficulty, according to Zhao Hongbo: “almost in all the same difficulty with the opponent, they are even, and their own difficulty score is added.”So did Russian netizens think the referee helped?Russian Sports network conducted a poll after the match. Do you think it is fair for Tarasova and Morozov to lose by 0.63 points to the Chinese pair?As of 1:40 am in Beijing, 3,020 people had cast their ballots.It turns out that 49% of Russian sports fans think the Chinese are better.Fifty-one percent said the judges helped.The percentages were pretty close, almost matching the final scores of both sides.That’s enough.