He was appointed deputy director of the Finance Department at the age of 41 and secretary of hubei Provincial Party Committee at the age of 52, making contributions to environmental protection

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Guan Guangfu, was born in 1931 an ordinary northeast rural family, in his growth era, the three northeastern provinces are still under the dark rule of the Japanese invaders, although there are parents’ protection, Guan Guangfu from childhood food and clothing, but he has also seen fellow countrymen by the aggressor bullying ravage of all kinds of human misery.Since then, he seemed to grow up overnight, and in the young mind set up a grand aspirations, and hopes to be able to relying on their own ability to change the present situation of the society, remove the aggressor’s persecution, from then on he was hungry to learn all kinds of knowledge, and gradually grow into a fluttering and educated youth, he sedate mind got praised by the teachers,They all thought he was bound to do great things in the future.In 1946, after Harbin was finally liberated, Guan Guangfu began to work formally in the following year. Because of his quick thinking, serious and responsible work, he was highly respected by leaders, so he was selected as a key talent training and sent to a financial school that only accepts cadres for further study.Guan Guangfu grasped this very cherished opportunity, he was hungry to absorb advanced cultural knowledge, and finally passed the examination with excellent results, and was assigned to the food bureau to work.Two years later, Guan guangfu was recruited by the organization because of his personal excellence and became a glorious Party member. At this time, he was full of vigor and enterprising, knowing that he shouldered the great trust of the Party, the country and the people on his shoulders. He never forgot his original aspiration and kept forging ahead.As the saying goes, “It is easy to defeat a country, but difficult to govern it.”New China was founded on the blood and backbone of men of good will. After defeating foreign enemies, how to govern it became another major problem after the war. At this time, the country was in urgent need of a group of men of insight to continue to guide the people to carry out their work.Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. On this occasion, Guan Guangfu was successfully selected as secretary of hubei Provincial Party Committee by his excellent working quality and professional technical ability. As the old saying goes, “Cultivate one’s morality, raise one’s family, govern the country, and then bring peace to the world”.Want to control their own family very easily, want to do a small place is with efforts can do things, but to do one provincial party secretary, but need good basics, GuanGuangFu is very clear where is of advantage, he put the focus on the financial work, he go deep among the masses, visit a local entrepreneur, with the help of the government with their own strength,Vigorously support provincial economic development.During the party secretary, he summed up his own work experience, combined with local actual situation for a set of work norms, often with their own work standard requires the following leading cadres, have experienced the hardship of GuanGuangFu often warn their subordinates, ask them to adjust measures to local conditions, good at widen our sight and always treat the work from the view of innovation,He often tells of a work experience he is proud of.When visiting local people, Guan guangfu found that hubei province had vast tracts of virgin forest, and the country was in ruins at that time.The people eager to restore the previous standard of living but ignored the importance of environmental protection, as a leadership vision GuanGuangFu, aware of original ecology for the future development, countries on the importance of the long-term development of hubei province, he combined with the status quo of shennongjia, worked out a complete set of rules, protect the primeval forest, made outstanding contributions to hubei province’s ecological environment,It was widely recognized by the people as an outstanding achievement in his political career.In 1972, guan guangfu was successfully promoted to deputy director of the Department of Finance by virtue of his outstanding achievements in many years of work.After that, he was promoted to deputy governor of Hubei Branch of the People’s Bank of China. Guan knew that this was also a test for himself in the organization. He studied with great concentration and relied on his excellent working ability.Successfully held the post of governor, also became a giant in China’s financial sector.In 2016, at the age of 85, Guan Guangfu, who was born in northeast China and rooted in Hubei province, suddenly passed away in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, watching the increasingly prosperous motherland. His life is brilliant, even if he dies, his spirit will remain forever.