Byd mocked for using Chinese buttons?What’s wrong with the world?

2022-04-26 0 By

Today give you said some dry, byd as a new energy automotive is the leader of independent, can be said to be on a par with tesla’s strength, the research and development of blade cell is to let the porsche, audi, Toyota, tesla with its cooperation, is a national pride, but in 2022 the biggest terrier is byd is mocked use Chinese buttons,What’s wrong with the world?Byd is arguably the only independent domestic brand of using Chinese buttons, other independent brands still use English keys, time use byd has become an alternative of Chinese buttons, ridicule, a lot of people feel not senior byd use Chinese buttons, looks very low, and byd chairman also responded to this, Chinese characters is our culture,We must pass it on, even when we are wrong.To tell the truth, as a Chinese, the car in the domestic use, car use Chinese button is not wrong, this is the right way to do it, even individuals are also very support the practice of byd, if your car is imported, so use English buttons also said in the past, want to Honda, Toyota, hyundai, a common joint venture brands such as mass, in the domestic sales,Use the Chinese button, now China has started to become powerful, it’s time to let English go!Don’t mention BYD, we are now in the Chinese space station operating system, as the saying goes, their own things should use their own language, in this respect, GIVE BYD a thumbs up!