Blockbuster!Zhejiang: college students who fail to start a business will be compensated by the government if they borrow less than 100,000 yuan

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On the morning of February 17, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) held a press conference to introduce the progress of supporting the construction of high-quality development and common prosperity demonstration zone in Zhejiang Province.Chen Zhongzai, deputy director of zhejiang Human resources and social security Department, told reporters that in order to encourage college students to start their own businesses, zhejiang college students who fail to start their own businesses can borrow less than 100,000 yuan from the government.Chen zhong said that college graduates are precious talent resources, Zhejiang has always adhered to the employment of college graduates as talent work to grasp, never take them as a burden, pressure, burden, but they as high-quality resources to configure, introduce, use and reserve.This year, the national college graduates more than 10 million, for Zhejiang is a very good opportunity, we should seize this opportunity, vigorously introduce college graduates.There are abundant employment policies for college graduates in Zhejiang.In addition to the urban area of Hangzhou, the hukou limit for graduates with a college degree or above will be fully lifted, and the hukou requirement in Hangzhou is a bachelor’s degree or above.College graduates who work in Zhejiang can enjoy living subsidies ranging from 20,000 yuan to 400,000 yuan or housing subsidies.College students who want to start a business can borrow 100,000 to 500,000 yuan. If the business fails, the government will compensate for the loan of less than 100,000 yuan, and 80% of the loan over 100,000 yuan will be compensated by the government.College students engaged in housekeeping, pension and modern agricultural entrepreneurship, the government will give 100,000 yuan of entrepreneurship subsidies, college students to work in these fields, the government will give each year 10,000 yuan of employment subsidies, continuous subsidies for 3 years.College students to Zhejiang internship, local provide living subsidies.Graduates from poor families will be given a subsidy of 3,000 yuan per person to find jobs or start businesses.We welcome college graduates from all over the country to work in Zhejiang.Zhejiang is a large province of labor, and there are 23 million migrant workers in Zhejiang, who have made important contributions to the economic and social development of Zhejiang.In Zhejiang, migrant workers outside the province enjoy the same employment and entrepreneurship services and policies as workers with local household registration.In addition, Zhejiang has also developed jobs that do not depend on skills, educational background or age, to provide jobs for those who have been lifted out of poverty, guaranteeing them a monthly salary of more than 4,500 yuan. Last year, 2.25 million people in the province were lifted out of poverty.The platform economy of Zhejiang is relatively developed, and various new employment forms develop rapidly. Zhejiang pays great attention to the labor security of new employment forms.Last year, Zhejiang province issued special measures to safeguard the labor security rights and interests of workers with new forms of employment. The main measures are to relax the household registration restrictions for flexible workers to participate in the basic endowment insurance and basic medical insurance of enterprise employees in the place of employment, and to support workers with new forms of employment to participate in single insurance types of work-related injury insurance.We also require platform enterprises to take advantage of data technology, properly manage online working hours, and arrange breaks for those who work more than four hours continuously.At present, Zhejiang is planning to build a co-rich high-quality employment and entrepreneurship system, striving to build the brand of “entrepreneurship and employment in Zhejiang”, helping key groups to improve the quality of employment and accelerate the realization of common prosperity.Source: Zhejiang Daily Editor: Li Bin