Xinhua News Agency: An important urban corridor of Sino-French Wuhan eco-city has been completed

2022-04-25 0 By

As the Spring Festival is approaching, the section from Nongqin Road to Wuxian of Xintian South Road and Underground Comprehensive Pipeline Corridor project undertaken by China Construction Third Engineering Group Co., Ltd. has completed the acceptance and will be officially opened to traffic in Caidian District, Wuhan.As a method of eco-city planning in wuhan to determine a through thing important city channel, is also a method of eco-city comprehensive pipe rack system of main channel, laying completed project completed before the Spring Festival, can effectively improve urban traffic conditions during the Spring Festival, improve the quality of regional traffic, and at the same time will speed up the method of eco-city north and south road network formation, power upgrade urban function,Promoting social and economic development.”A sunny day a body of soil, rainy day a body of mud” is the true portrayal of the road environment before the construction of the project, which is interlaced with a large number of houses and seedlings, as well as a slice of orange forest, expropriation has become the first problem in front of the project builders.Faced with this problem, the project department held several requisition and demolition promotion meetings, and established requisition and relocation ledger of more than 100 items including houses, fish ponds and pipelines by using the automatic positioning and statistical interface of mobile phone terminal App.At the same time, a professional BIM team was set up to realize the efficient visualization, parameterization and informatization of virtual scenes for objects of expropriation and demolition, carry out positioning analysis and statistical query based on spatial location, and avoid the damage of blind expropriation and demolition to the surrounding ecological environment.Green building protecting ecological civilization concept of green development and throughout project construction process, the project adopt the underground pipe rack aluminum die construction, because of its light weight, high bearing capacity, simple construction, high construction efficiency, low maintenance cost, shaping of good quality, high turnover rate and environmental protection, improve the efficiency of construction at the same time reduce the impact on the surrounding ecological environment.At the same time, the project department in the heart of the drainage system implementation under the road construction of lateral zonation for recessed green space, the pavement construction as the permeable brick pavement such as rainwater collection, permeability, and storage facilities, mainly through rain kerbstone openings into the subsided lateral zonation, lateral zonation in the rain after green storage seepage saturation excess rain overflow into the rain mouth, mouth to the conventional rainwater and rainwater irrigation channel system.In order to prevent water accumulation on the road surface during storms, the traditional stormwater outlets are still used at intersections and in some low-lying areas to collect rainwater and discharge it into the stormwater drainage system.It alleviates the pressure of urban drainage and flood control, and has a good effect on preventing the pollution of public waters and treating sewage.”Before the road was built, it was a dirt road. When it rained, mud everywhere made walking very inconvenient. Now it has been built into a clean wide asphalt road.”Yi jianming, who lives nearby, was excited when he heard the project was completed.As a resident of the route and builder of the project, he witnessed the transformation of a muddy path.”Now the road has been repaired, buses and subways are available, and it will be easier to get home in the future.”Since the construction of the project began, some villagers who have been working outside the country for years have returned home and actively participated in the construction of the Sino-French eco-city, opening up the last kilometer of road home for themselves and for many residents along the Xintian South Road project.(source: Xinhua News Agency client) For more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.