Weight Loss Myth Crusher: 3 weight loss facts you didn’t know

2022-04-25 0 By

There are thousands of ways to reduce weight, but there are few that are really useful, like what diet to reduce weight, ketone diet, light break food, low carbon diet, but in the end it is nothing, the body should be what kind or what kind, did not reduce a catty long two catties even if it is good.Many slimming partners have been thin, mostly because they have taken many detours on the road to weight loss, listening to too many rumors about weight loss, and the result is not thin.Why, if I talk much, I am just crying!Today, Brother Lei will give you pick up a pick up those who make people laugh and cry to reduce weight rumors.No carbs, no carbs at all?In the eyes of many experts reducing weight, carbon water is the natural enemy reducing weight, it is the prime culprit that makes people get fat.So we all hate carbon, during weight loss, often do not eat a bit of carbon.That is, the so-called diet without staple foods, only vegetables or high protein food.This is neither scientific nor desirable.Although carbon is the main culprit that makes many fairies fat, it has an extraordinary significance for the human body.In addition to providing calories, if long-term carbohydrate intake is insufficient, the body’s endocrine will be disrupted, not only prone to acne, aunt disorders, but also prone to hair loss, bald oh.During weight loss, you can replace staple foods with coarse grains and take in a certain amount of high-quality carbon, such as oats, sweet potatoes, corn, potatoes and so on.How does 02 physiology period eat not fat?Such a legend has been popular in reducing weight circle, physiological period how to eat not fat.Then a lot of small lovely reducing weight people, very not easy to hold to period of time, the result is in physiological period overeat, weight returns overnight before liberation.Why do you call it that?Periods don’t make a difference other than they give you a little tummy ache.So do not expect to be in physiological period overeating won’t be fat, do not expect to be in physiological period dieting to reduce weight easy thin, otherwise is not give up, it is harmful to health.03 Do you lose weight fast after lunch?During the fat loss period, many fairies maintain the habit of skipping lunch and eating two meals a day, thinking that they can lose weight faster.If you ask me, this is not slimming, it is a fairy!It won’t be long before I’m on cloud nine.People often say: “Man is iron, rice is steel, a meal without hunger.”So three meals a day, a meal is also indispensable, but to a little less calories, more nutrition.This eat, this drink drink, za also can thin, also do not delay to reduce weight.