“Old Boy” + “Kill Bill”, talk about the movie Easter eggs in “Master”

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Before the much-anticipated Elden Circle goes on sale, I’m declaring Master the best action game of 2022 so far.The action game, developed by French indie team Sloclap, caught the attention of Chinese gamers more than half a year ago with several promotional videos.Can realize a Chinese kung fu dream in the game, I believe that players like action games will not miss this opportunity.I also bought the deluxe version of the game for the first time and experienced the pleasure of a white eyebrow boxing master 2 days in advance.In general, Master is difficult to get started, and the death and aging mechanism is not friendly to beginners.But once you’ve mastered dodging and various pursuit combos, and figured out the BOSS’s attack patterns, the difficulty curve drops dramatically, and you’re no problem wandering around the world.Combined with the excellent art design, scene performance, and the official Chinese version of conscience (to be updated later), I personally think Master is a very worthy indie game.There are plenty of good articles on the web about the gameplay aspects of Shifu, so I won’t go into them here.This article mainly talks about the game is more obvious, to the classic action salute several Easter eggs, throw a brick to attract jade, and film lovers enjoy.Not long after the first level of Old Boy begins, the player’s character steps into an indoor corridor filled with enemies, and the camera switches from third-person to landscape, creating a combat experience similar to that of an arcade clearance level game.This scene was shown in a live-action trailer a year ago, and I understood it at the time. It was a tribute to the 2003 Korean crime film Old Boys.While dozens of scenes with the main character in the hallway are not uncommon in action movies, this scene in The Master is not only a scene cut from the beginning to the end, but also a wall coloring and plumbing detail that is a perfect copy of Old Boys. It is definitely an Easter egg intended by the production team.I am a fan of park Chan-wook, the original director, and Choi Min-sik, the main actor. As the second film of Park’s revenge trilogy, Old Boys is the most famous and my favorite.Park Chan-wook’s ‘Revenge Trilogy’ blu-ray disc collection Like ‘Master,’ ‘Old Boy’ is a story about avenging one’s family.Protagonist Oh Dae-su was inexplicably imprisoned for 15 years, during which his wife was killed and his daughter disappeared.He spent more than a decade in prison practicing his boxing skills in order to seek revenge on his kidnappers once he was free, but also to get answers about what he had done wrong, to be confined to freedom for 15 years and to suffer the loss of his family.Different from ordinary revenge movies, the movie sets up many foreshadows in the plot, and gives the audience an unexpected reversal at the end. The identity of the victim and the attacker is changed, and the relationship between Oh Dae-soo and her enemy becomes a revenge cycle connected by abnormal love, which shocked me greatly at that time.The classic fight scene in the movie takes place shortly after the main character is freed, as Oh returns to the private prison hidden in the building to seek revenge against the warden and his minions.Park chan-wook’s fierce visual style is fully released in this scene.The whole 3-minute long corridor fight scene is completed in one shot. Following the horizontal movement of the camera, Wu Daxiu enters the crowd with a hammer and moves to the right. The protagonist’s fist swing starts from vigorous and fast at the beginning, and then moves slowly after being injured.It is a textbook for the aesthetics of violence in movies.By comparison, this part of the game is not too difficult for the player, not only the number of enemies is greatly reduced, but also the steel pipe and other weapons can be easily picked up and used.The production team may have designed the Easter egg simply to impress fans.The opening scene of the BOSS battle in the Third level art Museum of The Master is set in a snowy courtyard. The villain Kuroki is dressed in a modified white kimono, which is hard not to forget the snowy battle between the black Mamba and the Japanese assassin played by Lucy Liu in Kill Bill.In the game’s official art collection, however, kuroki is seen wielding a two-armed Japanese sword instead of the three-blade in the official version, which is more in line with ishii’s character in Kill Bill.In fact, the master’s entire plot is almost identical to Kill Bill’s.For example, at the beginning of the game, the protagonist’s family was killed by the same brother. For example, the game has five levels, and each level destroys an enemy, just like the revenge journey of the black Mamba in “Kill Bill”.Genre aficionados know that Quentin’s “Kill Bill” borrows heavily from classic Asian kung fu and sword flicks.One of the films that drew on and influenced the most was “Shura Kaji” (1973) starring Meiko Kaji.The theme of “Shura-Shaki” is still about revenge, and the protagonist is also a woman with amazing skills and iron will, compared to “Kill Bill” professional female assassin shura-Shaki was born and suffered just as much.During the Meiji period, Her father was brutally murdered by a mob and her mother was put in prison for revenge.Prison, this strong woman carries out revenge plan to leave offspring, do not hesitate to seduce prison guard, gave birth to Snow ji eventually in prison, entrust she must avenge snow for parents.Snow ji is such a woman born into the way of revenge shura, the only meaning of her existence is to kill enemies, revenge for parents.The film initially portrays her as a cold-blooded killer, dressed in a plain kimono and armed with a dagger, who travels in snowy nights killing people without being seen.There are still three people left who killed her father, some are still poor, some are mixed into dignitaries, and all She has to do is find them and kill them one by one.We can see a similar setup in The Master, where the killers of the main character’s father include Faja, a medicine man who takes refuge in a slum, and Jin Feng, who becomes the CEO of a large company.No matter what the status quo is, these people will have to pay for their past SINS.You can also see a lot of similarities between the two movies and a game.For example, Shura Snow And Kill Bill both use episodic narrative sections, while The master’s five levels corresponding to five enemies and five revenge sections can also be regarded as a episodic form.Another example is that the three works all give facial close-ups of their enemies by looking up at them, highlighting the powerlessness of the protagonist as a victim and the oppression of the villain.Of course, the team paid homage to the classic action movie with much more than that.In his video, @Dogsama found two other Easter eggs: the transition scene at the end of the master’s prologue, and the ready access training ground in the martial arts school, all with a solid red background, just like the opening scene of Jackie Chan’s Snake in Eagle’s Shadow in 1978.In the third level, the museum arranges a rain war for the protagonist.The combination of rigor and softness and the splashy aesthetic of violence is almost a copy of the famous scenes in The Matrix 3 and the Grandmaster — the latter two films, as well as the aforementioned Killer Bill, were directed by Yuen Woo-ping.Perhaps for European and American audiences who grew up watching Hong Kong kung fu films, it is a strange thing that they do not know Yuan Lao.The Easter eggs and tributes in “The Master” offer a glimpse into the influence of pop culture.Take “Old Boy” Easter eggs, for example. The original is a Japanese manga, which was made into a film by the Korean people, and then the French people saw it and mixed it into the game, and finally presented it to me, a Chinese player, as if it were a well-coordinated passing game.If I were a game developer, I would expect players to smile when they find Easter eggs.A shared interest in pop culture can resonate with strangers on the other side of the globe across time, language, cultural context and content form.Speaking of cultural transmission, there is a popular joke in the game circle recently: The Americans produced The Ghost of Tsushima, the Chinese produced Showa American Story, and the French were obsessed with Chinese kung fu, hence the Master.I quite agree with what a netizen summed up in the comment section of Showa American Story: To tell a good Chinese story, it is not necessary to tell a Chinese story.It is a kind of cultural confidence to integrate the culture of other countries into one’s own works and deliver it to global players through games.What really troubles people is that they do not carry forward their own culture, but are robbed of their right to speak. In recent years, the best-selling games of The Three Kingdoms — The Three Kingdoms, The Three Kingdoms, Total War: Three Kingdoms — have no Chinese game companies behind them.Google Video for Three Kindoms, and the top of the list is Three Kingdoms.The banter and complaints are commonplace.Under the current environment, It is hard enough for Chinese film and game companies just to live. I don’t know when the day will come when they will go out and influence the world.I hope everyone in the temple will understand that culture should be a flowing river, not an island.Be Water, My Friend: What martial arts movies did Master use for his game?The UP main: dogsama