Nu Wa, LAN new skin comes out new skin!Shard shop exchange recommendations, Mind Hacker is back on the shelves

2022-04-25 0 By

The official server had its first “week watch” of the year on Tuesday, with nerf of equipment heroes such as 暃, Big Lady and Meat Knife, as well as a slew of new events and shard shops.Dream Come True dream Come True is one of the best companion skin. The special effects are barbie powder, which is the favorite of The hero, and the light touch is also very suitable for the image of Dream.Lao Wang with anniversary limited time coupons for pandas, found that the actual combat feel is not a dream come true.Although the meat knife ice stick was cut, but the impact of the dream is not too big, very recommended recently in the dream of the brothers for a strange cent.Second, the 2888 skin of the light of the Sky is the big wing of Xiang Yu. The special effects of each skill are quite good, but the model of the big wing looks a little heavy when moving. Lao Wang, the player who is not xiang Yu’s original life, still recommends using the battle coins to draw slowly.Three, ice and snow waltz Zhen Ji’s crystal NZ redo special effects have been, the new model and a third skill special effects are very good, can be comparable to the limited level of the girl kingdom king.It has been confirmed that the rework of ice and snow waltz will be launched in the official suit next week. Brothers, please feel at ease and boldly change this time, and it won’t be overturned like miyamoto’s rework!Four, Christmas carnival how to say, Lv Bu’s Christmas carnival is the whole skin in the number one, usually Lao Wang also quite recommend exchange, but at present this time node, Lao Wang instead not quite suggest everyone exchange.Since there will be a Doomsday rework and a legendary FMVP in the next few months, it would be a shame to replace a Christmas tree.Fifth, Metal Storm Mozi’s Bumblebee is the skin with the highest appearance level and the most transformers flavor among Kings. Both the model and special effects are worth the ticket price.With more and more machine armor skin, the future of the formation of “Ultron lineup” little metal storm.Six, the guardian force with Sun Shangxiang’s steady force of the game star yuan online, Lao Wang felt that the guardian force of the game star yuan is not far away, after all, Big Joe is also a very popular and strong hero in the professional game.Luna’s love of her life is currently in the middle of an encore, so players who don’t want to spend 888 points on skins can settle for the 28-shard Scarlet Blade.Modeling and special effects are low on the love of a lifetime, and the sharpness of the stamp is not bad.Eight, the return of the hacker mind hacker, the war of the star accessories is just Angela’s hacker mind, days in the United States has always been able to understand this, so that players spend 88 pieces can experience two skin effects.Nine dark hidden hunter with the return of the hacker together with the king of green Ling, although it is a line for many years of old skin, but the model effect is still one of the existence of epic level.Recommend a brother who is still using warskin for another, you will open the door to a new world.Ten, skin broke 1, Nu Wa new skin above is the net spread nu Wa new skin poster, true or false unknown, but nu Wa does have a new skin grid, may be V7 reward skin.2, LAN New skin online for a year and a half, LAN finally waited for the new skin, out of the village without skin.It is said that it may be mecha style, the first and third skills are mechanical sharks, the poster is very handsome.What do you think the two new skins will be?​