Fish and water blend, unique: “Prosperous times more than” Chen Yishui Chinese painting works held in Fuqing

2022-04-25 0 By

In the morning of February 26th, sponsored by fuqing Culture, sports and Tourism Bureau, Fuqing Literature and Art Federation, undertook by Fuqing Art Museum, Fuqing Artists Association, “Prosperous times and More — Chen Yishui Chinese Painting Exhibition” opened in Fuqing Art Museum.Splash-ink startled pearl waterfall splash, that is, see jinscalshu.Mr. Chen Yishui is a unique fish painter in China. He mainly focuses on fish and water, and also studies flowers. He created the modern Chinese painting method of “blending fish and water”.He was good at painting fish vivid, attempts in moving from god, is good at breakthrough predecessors’ sex in the tradition of intangible, or slavish cruising in the water, or in droves do as others do through weed algae, or double waves bouncing yu pointed, point, line and splash-ink splashed in the ink color rendering of interwoven with one, highlight the jumping fish swim with scale implication and spirits.His water painting is particularly wonderful, the momentum of water, dynamic and verve jump out of the paper.Or ripples of water, rippling blue waves;Or pearl waterfall sputtering, ding Dong sound;Or rapids clap shore, sonorous sound.The water in his paintings is naturally integrated with the fish. The fish merges with the water, giving people a visual shock and its spectacular scene is unforgettable.This exhibition showcases about 80 of Chen Yishui’s masterpieces from his 50 years of art career. These works are rich in color and ink but not colorful. They not only have the charm of Chinese ink painting, but also have the texture of western painting, creating a state of light, wave and shadow, as well as the harmony of fish and water, unlike the separation of fish and water that ordinary people draw fish.The exhibition runs until March 20, 2022.