Examine the details in “The Bicycle Thief” and analyze the characteristics of the father and son

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Most of the world business cards have celebrities involved, attracting audiences with their star power and winning praise for their excellent acting.But there are some movies that do the opposite and still succeed.Among these films, The Bicycle Thief is a typical feature, in which the director boldly uses a large number of non-professional actors.Vittorio de Sica, director of “The Bicycle Thief,” said that in the early days of the film, an American offered to invest millions of dollars, but in order to ensure the film’s box office, famous actor Cary Grant was required to play the leading role.However, as we see today, Richie was played not by a professional actor, but by lamberto Maziolani, an unemployed worker who reportedly returned to his real-life role after filming ended.Such a large sum of money was turned down in order to choose a suitable non-professional actor, from which it is not difficult to see the director in the role and performance is very adhere to their own ideas.Neither wife Maria nor son Bruno had any professional acting training.Such a choice is a great innovation in the history of film, the participation of non-professional actors can make the performance more realistic, skillfully combined with life and art, making the film more appealing.Moreover, much of the dialogue in the film is improvised by non-professional actors based on their deep life experiences.Vittorio de Sica has also personally taught the actors to perform, in every movement, the pursuit of quality in the lines, and ultimately successfully created many vivid and vivid characters.Examine the details in “The Bicycle Thief” and analyze the characteristics of the father and son.Richie, the protagonist of the careless and clumsy Father movie, is an ordinary worker.When he was distressed and sighed for not having a bicycle, his wife, while complaining, decided to pawn his dowry in exchange for a precious bicycle.In negotiating with the pawnbroker, they both breathed a sigh of relief over the five hundred lira they had received;When buying a bike, Rich was nervous and kept saying, “That’s the one”;When he finally got his bike, he could not take his eyes off it, for fear that the treasure would disappear.The car is stolen, and Richie sits on a ladder staring blankly, as if thinking that his life might just be gone.After repeated failed attempts to retrieve the bike, Richie decided to seek help from a “psychic,” which he disdained.Finding richie, the thief, had no reason to be wrong, but he lost his footing in the crowd and allowed himself to be pushed and shoved.Instead of charging the thief, the desperate Ritchie made an uneasy decision to steal the car, but was quickly caught in a panic.All these subtle emotional changes are skillfully expressed in the expressions and movements of the protagonist, presenting to the audience the image of an ordinary worker.The uniqueness of the film performance lies in the exquisite depiction of the little people. The pain of a big man can move heaven and earth, and the helplessness and despair of the little people can move people’s hearts more.Richie was also a careless and clumsy father.He did not know how to take care of little Bruno. He always hurried ahead and did not even notice that Bruno had fallen down.It was awkward for his son, who wanted to make up for his grievance, to talk about his election campaign.However, he is always in love with the child, with a “meal” to make little Bruno happy again;When the idea of stealing the car comes up, Richie tries to maintain his image as a father by sending Bruno away, but ends up embarrassing himself in front of his son.His clumsiness highlights the wrenching conflict between an ordinary laborer’s inability to control his life and the need to maintain a father figure.Bruno Jr. — Beyond his years By contrast, Bruno Jr. Shows a quality beyond his years that is instantly endearing.When he saw the new car, he loved it so much that he took no notice of any flaw. His frown, his serious manner of waving a rag, was like a little adult.Before leaving the room, he even carefully closed the window for his sister in bed, something father Rich had not considered;Father was half an hour late, he did not complain, but sensible concern about the bicycle;When looking for the bike, Bruno listened carefully to his father’s friend’s assignment and nodded his head in case he missed any instructions and could not find it.Small as he was, he could find things without hesitation, and like his father he would frown and not let go of any part;Even if he had a quarrel with his father, he still obediently put on his jacket and stood under the bridge waiting.When he heard the words, “I have to earn a million dollars a month to eat that,” he seemed suddenly aware of something and nervously put down his bread.In this way, a sensible and clever child image in the small actor vivid performance presented.Bruno was also a kind and clever child.He could not understand the tricks and deceit of the adult world, and understood everything with sincerity. Therefore, he would question why his father refused to let the old man have soup, and he would worship in church even in a hurry.An old man sneaks away, and his father slaps him.Even so, he remained true to his cute nature, and was delighted with a good meal, flinging his scarf, and then watching the conversation between the adults closely, looking forward to the coming feast.Bruno was small, painfully small, but he was always there, warm and supportive.In order to save time, he tactfully for his father to get an earlier opportunity to communicate with the “psychic”, no matter how nearby adults are not afraid of pulling;In the car thief chase scene, Richie might have been in more trouble if Bruno Jr. hadn’t called the police in time.Conclusion: At the end of the movie, father and son, immersed in grief, left a distant figure in the dark crowd.That’s the end of the film, but the image of the father and son sticking together remains in the audience’s mind.For more exciting content, come to Qinxi Entertainment