Drop!Please bring this card for spring flowers when you go out

2022-04-25 0 By

At this time, do you think about the rape flowers in Wuyuan, the cherry blossoms in Wuyuan….These places are beautiful, and when you can’t travel, take your camera,Start from here to admire the flower’s pace is go on spring outing when spring rain wash away a few days ago when the dust of the newborn buds powder powder tender flowers out their heads Swaying in the branches that is known as caulis dendrobii besides we know the first of nine “immortality” medicinal dendrobium stem here welcome is using its ornamental flowers deduce acme its stance so small beautiful beautiful,Slender stems with a cute little pocket, like a shy little girl, really love.Its flowers grow special, two sides to the left and right, the middle of the lip flap rolled up, forming a bucket shape, like a small shoe, so we gave it the title of orchid.Golden flowers, whether also have golden mind?With a distinctive scent, we’ll see this tasseled fritillary.I like its powerful roots, its chubby fake bulbs, full of survival energy, like a proud thumbs-up, but I like its creamy yellow flowers with a creamy base, like the beautiful cocoa powder sprinkled on the cream, like the delicate latte flowers in a coffee cup, which make people reluctant to stir.Is this transcendent fresh flower free from vulgarity also long on your aesthetic point?Some people say that spring is the most beautiful and some people say that spring is the most gentle and some people say that spring is the most delicate and some people say that spring is the most freehand to me, ah, spring is unbridled romance, flowers in full bloom, spring is the melody of youth, full of passion, this spring you and I together put on light feel this rare comfortable and happy END