Depression is not “unhappy” so simple, to listen to putuo experts how to say

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Aunt Liu is 55 years old this year, retired at home for 2 years, the thought of the retirement life once imagined.In the last six months, however, her energy seems to be low, her appetite is also poor, the delicious food seems not so good, and sometimes she feels bloated;Sleep at night is also worse, sometimes wake up after 5 am, but can not fall back to sleep;Also feel back pain, urination discomfort.Daughter accompanied Liu aunt read neurology, gastroenterology, urology and other clinical treatment, a variety of examinations are still normal.What’s going on?Then a doctor reminded her that she should see a psychiatrist.So, Liu aunt holding try attitude, came to Shanghai Tongji hospital psychiatric medicine, through the doctor’s detailed assessment of this just found that Liu aunt is the original “depression”.Even so, Liu is lucky compared with the millions of people who have yet to be identified with depression.Depression is the second disease in the world’s disease spectrum. According to the WHO Burden of Disease report, the disease burden caused by depression ranks the first among non-infectious diseases in the world, accounting for 10%, which is similar to the disease burden caused by all cancers (11%).About 40 million people suffer from depression in China, 90.5 percent of whom have never received treatment and only 3.4 percent have sought psychiatric help, according to a new study.”Shanghai Putuo” and Tongji Hospital affiliated to Tongji University open a column of “Health language”. In this issue, we invite Dr. Li Qingwei, chief physician of psychiatry department of Tongji Hospital affiliated to Tongji University, to popularize the symptoms and early signs of depression.Qingwei Li is the deputy director of psychiatry department of Tongji Hospital affiliated to Tongji University.His main research interests are clinical and basic research on anxiety and depression disorders, with a focus on major mental disorders.He is the principal of the important weak discipline of Psychosomatic medicine in Shanghai and the academic leader of the construction of Shanghai public health system (mental health direction).Main affiliations are psychiatrists, chairman of China physicians association, and club members, psychosomatic medicine specialized subject branch, deputy director of the Shanghai medical association members, the western psychiatry association committee standing committee and secretary of severe mental disorders, the psychiatrist, chairman of China physicians association, and the branch anxiety depression disorder working committee member and secretary, anxiety disorders research group members in China.Specialist clinic: Saturday morning.In recent years, the awareness rate of depression is increasing, but most people still only think that depression and pessimism are depression.Few people know that physical symptoms such as insomnia, weakened gastrointestinal function, general fatigue and persistent back pain can also be symptoms of depression, leading many patients to be unaware that they have been affected by depression.Even some family members, especially teenagers’ parents, mistakenly regard depression as hypocritical, lazy, escape from learning, adolescent rebellion, etc., and ignore or even block patients’ medical requirements.First of all, to understand, early depression may have the following performance: (1) “smile” depression: although this kind of patients have subjective experience of depression, but in front of others but always talking and laughing, failed to detect that he is “forced smile”.(2) “diligent” depression: typical depression patients often do not lift spirit, unwilling to move, low work efficiency, some patients in order to make up for their low efficiency, became a “workaholic”, busy all day, but half the effort.(3) “hidden” depression: patients with physical discomfort, depression is not obvious.This kind of patients went to the internal medicine and surgery department of major hospitals for treatment, making many unnecessary examinations, and even being misdiagnosed.Depression in general, of course, can be identified by clinical manifestations.At the beginning of the onset of depression, the most obvious performance is usually poor mood, lack of energy, do anything can not be raised.Patients often complain that they are not happy, that they are not interesting to live, and that they feel very uncomfortable.Sometimes it is possible to force oneself to participate in the activity, but further inquiry reveals that the patient does not enjoy it at all.69% of patients with depression have obvious body level performance, such as easy to feel tired, often complain of “nothing to do but feel tired”, appetite loss and weight loss, manifested as no appetite, complete loss of desire to eat, and even manifested as nausea, vomiting;Poor sleep, the performance of half an hour can not fall asleep, easy to wake up and wake up more than half an hour earlier than usual, wake up can not fall asleep again;Loss of sexual desire and complete loss, female patients will also appear menstrual disorders, amenorrhea and other symptoms;Dizziness, headache, palpitation, palpitations, and sweating are also common.When the patient has the above performance, it is necessary to be vigilant about whether there is depression.In addition, there are also some patients with depression performance is more special, doctors call atypical symptoms, appetite loss often subverted to sleep, overeating and weight gain, mood swings.If the following four manifestations, and last for more than two weeks, life, work and study have been significantly affected, it is recommended to go to the psychiatric hospital or general hospital psychiatric department.These four points are: ① Never happy;② The boredom of social interaction, apathy, loss of interest in things around;③ Cognitive function is impaired, such as memory loss, inattention, slow reaction, creativity decline;④ Insomnia, loss of appetite, weight loss, body always feel very tired.In addition to focusing on the above symptoms of depression, some scales can be used, such as the “90-second four-question method”.Shanghai tongji hospital mental medicine as clinical key specialty and weak disciplines, psychosomatic medicine WeiJianWei support in Shanghai launched “where temperament” WeChat small procedures, there are those who need can also be used, it finally gives a “traffic light” in the form of psychological state reminds, prompt red that must go to the clinic.Like Liu’s experience, depression is not terrible. After treatment, most patients can recover from the disease, and about half of them do not relapse after their first episode of depression is relieved.So, face depression, recognize it early, and embrace health.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: