Daily information on Culture and Tourism market of Sichuan Province during the 2022 Spring Festival Holiday (Feb 5)

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Today (February 5, the fifth day) is 2022 on the sixth day of the lunar New Year holiday vacation draws to a close, the provincial culture and tourism system, conscientiously implement the provincial party committee, provincial government, culture and tourism holiday work deployment, solid fake Japanese tour market, rich and optimize the brigade products supply, the province brigade maintains smooth safety norms and orderly market.As of 15:00 today, 695 a-level scenic spots included in the statistics of the province have received 18.6786 million tourists in six days and realized ticket revenue of 17.91947 million yuan.Compared with 654 key scenic spots included in the statistics in 2021, the cumulative number of visitors over the six days increased by 14.4 percent and the cumulative ticket revenue by 17.33 percent.In aba Prefecture, Ganzi Prefecture, Liangshan Prefecture and Panzhihua city, 150 A-level scenic spots have received 1,684,400 tourists for six days and realized ticket revenue of 7,768,500 yuan.Compared with the 113 key scenic spots included in the statistics in 2021, the total number of visitors during the six days increased by 31.67 percent.The province’s libraries, cultural centers and museums received a total of 2.072,200 people in six days.Two, the main characteristics of the first day of the Winter Olympic Games ice and snow travel continued hot.Meishan Vision Building and Water Street were featured in the Beijing Winter Olympics promotional song “Winter Olympics Have Me,” which was filmed for 25 seconds and triggered tourists to visit.Wawu mountain scenic spot has become one of the TOP20 popular scenic spots for the Spring Festival in China, and its popularity has soared significantly. A series of ice-snow themed activities have been launched to help the winter Olympics.Xiling snow Mountain reservation for four consecutive days to reach the reception ceiling of 14,000 people.Ya ‘an Qiaoqi Zangzhai shenmu Base, Fengtun Village Dengchi Ditch, Longcang Ditch Diicui Creek scenic area receive tourists double growth, Wanggangping launched free skiing activities under the age of 14 to attract a large number of tourists, while driving asbestos hot spring, county catering and accommodation continue to hot.Second, the city “New Year flavor” presents a new scene of cultural travel.Each place combines local custom culture and characteristic culture, relying on urban scenic spots, parks, cultural and exhibition venues to create a new scene of festival culture and travel, with a strong Flavor of the New Year.Zigong City Chinese Lantern World launched the activity of “Yuan-cosmic cloud lantern Viewing”. The streets and lanes of zigong city were decorated with various colored lanterns to create a rich and vulgar atmosphere.Yibin Library held “Chinese Year Tour Exhibition in Classic Books — Yibin Exhibition Hall” activity, Jiang ‘an county held “Our Festival” — Jiang ‘an County “Han ‘an Night Talk” 24 solar terms cultural salon series activities.Suining Song Porcelain Museum held the “Yuan Day of the Song Dynasty” Museum Spring Festival experience activity, the city Library held the “Golden Tiger Noisy Spring Book Full of Vitality” New Year folk culture exhibition.Third, the demand for rural tourism is strong.Rural tourism with leisure vacation, rural hiking (cycling), picking experience and family gathering as the main content has become the choice of many citizens, and the increase of tourists is obvious.Sanshenghua Township and Jiezigu Township received nearly 80,000 person-times each, ranking first and second in the province.Ba-china rural tourism with folk culture, Ba-People culture and Micang ancient road culture as the theme is favored by tourists.Neijiang Zhuge garden, ruyi Villa, Yinhua Villa and other business is hot.Ziyang Tianfu Flower Creek, Yanjiaba rural park, high hole orange music pastoral tourists into the scenic spots.Fourth, red tourism is popular.Today, the reception volume of the province’s red scenic spots is nearly 400,000 person-times.The “New Year celebration in Deng Xiaoping’s Hometown Tourist Area” series of Spring Festival activities attracted a large number of local tourists, and the number of tourist attractions increased by 40% year on year.Chen Yi’s hometown scenic spot continues to receive more than 20,000 tourists today.The Memorial Hall of The Sichuan-Shaanxi Soviet Union Area, the Memorial Hall of the old site of the Red Four Sides Army, and the Memorial Park of the Battle of Kongshan and other scenic spots welcomed many parent-child tourists today to experience the spirit of the Red Army and receive red education during the holidays.All parts of the province have taken measures for epidemic prevention and control and production safety in a-level scenic spots and other cultural and tourism sites, implemented the requirements of “limit, reservation and off-peak” opening and “three more and two more”, increased market inspections and inspections on holidays, and proactively provided heart-warming services such as free parking for tourists.No major tourism safety accidents and major tourist complaints have been received in the provincial cultural tourism market, and no major negative public opinion has occurred.Sichuan Culture and Tourism Industry Leading Group Office February 5, 2022