Volkswagen’s new Beetle may be back in production!Designed for the domestic market, the price will be higher than ID.3

2022-04-24 0 By

According to foreign media, Volkswagen has registered the e-Beetle trademark in the overseas market for the first time, and the new Beetle may be a pure electric model.At the same time, Volkswagen Group also discussed whether to resume production of “Beetle” and said: “If there is a demand for beetle in China, Volkswagen will launch a customized version of beetle for the Chinese market.”With the continuous improvement of Volkswagen ID family products, this also indicates that the new products launched in the future will directly enter the era of electrification, and the new generation Beetle is also expected to be built based on Volkswagen MQB platform, and will be driven in pure electric form, and its power parameter options are expected to be consistent with Volkswagen ID.3 model.The figure above shows the overseas 2012 Beetle model. Currently, the guide price of 2022 Volkswagen ID.3 in the domestic market is 165,288 yuan to 179,288 yuan. After the beetle is officially launched in the domestic market, it is expected that the market price range will remain around 190,000 yuan to 200,000 yuan.The new VW Beetle’s front face features a dot-matrix grille unique to the ID family, with the classic double round LED headlights on both sides.The rear part of the car has been replaced with a new through-through LED taillight group, and a small spoiler has been added above.