Psychological test: you like the following gourd, test your life will not be full of gold

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Psychological tests:Which of the following do you like the gourd, will test you in this life and A, B, C, test results are for reference only, you will have A wonderful life wealth feast, you are A very lucky man, you are lucky and happy, because you have A clever mind and wisdom, the same fate as you are pursuing and ordinary people,If you still have plenty of money to come for you, sooner or later, you’re bound to have a feast.B, you won’t get much wealth, because your life is happy, may you always have a dream that one day you can get rich overnight, but through the development of probability theory, it is just as a fantasy, you might as well put down all the burden, students think seriously about the future should be how to live their life, otherwise you would be a useless life of ordinary people.C, you will have a certain amount of wealth in your life. Economically, you will be rich. You are full of intelligent ideas.