Buick Micro blue 6 pure electric subsidies also preferential 20,000

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We sincerely invite you to come and enjoy the car.From now on, you can enjoy eight surprises.In-store courtesy: Any customer invited into the store by the network can receive a souvenir with the invitation message;Exclusive reception: Online invited customers are directly received by exclusive consultants;Car booking courtesy: any network invited customers, the first time into the store car booking customers send a gift package worth 5000 yuan;Preferential treatment: all network invited customers have the privilege to pick up the car quickly;Old customers to introduce the courtesy: old customers to introduce new customers to buy a car to send 500 yuan maintenance coupon;Financial courtesy: installment purchase, a variety of great benefits for you to choose, you can enjoy 0 interest, convenient procedures;Service courtesy: Free used car evaluation;Replacement courtesy: all brand vehicles replacement buick new car can enjoy subsidies.Click the “inquiry” below to send off the car recorder, big surrounded pad, car storage box and other gifts.The whole area of the company shall be disinfected at least twice a day to ensure the safety of the store and let you enter the store without worry;All vehicles into the store enjoy free vehicle disinfection service, so that you use the car without worry.Ultra low price, more surprises in: navigation road and chengdong road intersection 300 meters south west road.Call exclusive enjoy network price!The event will be held from March 13, 2022 to March 15, 2022