Xintian: Yang Liuqing visited Xinlong town before the Spring Festival

2022-04-23 0 By

Yongzhou today – (correspondent Zheng Baihua Liu Xinli) on Jan. 25, SAN tin county party committee and minister of propaganda from green, county peoples congress standing committee, deputy director of the Zheng Zhixin into new long town wild mountain TianWan Village, ping village, hole, dragon will tan village before the Spring Festival visits condolences activities, visiting condolences to a serious illness, such as a whole and low-income residents, as they send to solatium and caffeine arts,Bring New Year’s greetings.In shan Tian Wan village Zheng SAN zai family home, Yang Liuqing patiently and carefully asked them about their life, health and other circumstances, encourage them to firm confidence, overcome difficulties, positive and optimistic life.He urged local officials to show more concern for the people in need, help them solve their actual difficulties, and do a good job of visiting, caring, resolving difficulties, and sending warmth to thousands of households to ensure that every family, especially those in need, have a happy and peaceful New Year.In the visit, Yang Liuqing asked town and village cadres to adhere to the regular depth of the masses, listen to the voice of the masses, understand the sufferings of the masses, solve the difficulties of the masses, and actively mobilize all sectors of society to send warm activities to extend a helping hand, the party and the government will pass the baton of warmth.