This agricultural enterprise in Wuhan exports 4,000 tons of honey every year and earns more than 100 million US dollars

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In the warehouse of Wuhan Daxing Apicology Co., LTD., located in Sandian Street, Xinzhou District, on January 28, batches of honey kept at constant temperature are being loaded into a truck, ready to be carried on a cargo ship and exported to overseas markets.Wuhan Daxing Apiculture Co., LTD., founded in 1989, is one of the first time-honored enterprises in Wuhan and the key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Hubei Province.Before the establishment of Daxing Apiculture, chairman Huang Jiansheng’s grandfather made a living as a beekeeper, and up until his father’s father only focused on breeding bees.Huang Jiansheng, who took over the burden from his father, decided to change his mind and set up a company to sell honey for export.Since 1996, Daxing apiculture has been exporting honey products on a large scale.Huang Jiansheng understands that quality is the premise and key to export.All raw materials of Daxing Apiculture are from 12 beekeeping bases directly under the company. From entering the factory to production and then to finished products, at least seven times of testing can ensure the control of daxing apiculture honey from the source.In 2003, with the technical requirements of beekeeping and the improvement of export quality requirements of honey from Europe and Japan, Daxing apiculture realized the importance of source control, so it built a laboratory with high standard and mature testing system, and conducted systematic beekeeping skills training for apiarists.”Honey raw materials are sent to the factory after passing the sampling from the 12 beekeeping bases we have filed with the customs. After being sent to the factory, sampling and testing are carried out before being put into production.In the production process will also carry out process inspection, qualified and then finished product production.After the finished product is produced, the final test is carried out, and the products that pass the final test can only be put into storage.”Production workshop director Chang Huaping said.The healthy cooperation between the laboratory and bee farmers has formed a perfect traceability management system of Daxing Apiculture, which ensures that the whole process of products from raw materials to finished products is 100% controllable, and also enables Daxing apiculture to create the outstanding achievements of the first export order in China, the first sales volume of bee products exported to Japan in China, and the first sales volume of exported honey in Hubei Province.Since 2018, Daxing Apiculture has made great efforts in the belt and Road initiative and its products have successfully entered the Middle East market.At present, as one of the top ten enterprises exporting bee products in China, the company buys more than 7,000 tons of processed honey every year and exports about 4,000 tons of honey, with an annual output value of more than 180 million yuan and accumulated export earnings of more than 100 million DOLLARS.”Last year, the company’s production and sales volume bucked the trend of 2020 by 7.2 percent.”General manager Huang Yangyang confidently said that in the future, the company will take natural bee products as the media and seize the opportunity of “One Belt and One Road” to sell honey from Hubei province to more countries and regions around the world.(Hubei Daily reporter Liu Sheng, correspondent Xu Guoping, Yin Jie, Xu Ying)