The whole west will suffer?Biden did not realize that the West suffered the consequences before Russia and Ukraine started fighting

2022-04-23 0 By

In recent months, western countries led by the United States have been adding fuel to the fire between Russia and Ukraine.Russia has repeatedly said it will not invade Ukraine.However, the West is not listening. The Us and the West have been playing up the atmosphere of imminent war, which is now taking a huge toll not only in Ukraine, but also spreading to Europe.In the financial sector, stock markets have been “shaken”.European stock markets have had a dismal week, with most markets down around 2%.A French asset management company staff, said investors will predict whether Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, after investors have always thought that possibility is extremely low, according to all kinds of market survey, people did not give too much attention to problems of Russia and Ukraine, now investors reassess, once they think military conflict could erupt in Ukraine,The market will react in a stronger way.The paris-based CAC40 index consists of 40 French stocks and provides a clear picture of price movements in the French stock market.In recent days, the index fell 2.27%, briefly approaching its lowest level of 2022.Beyond the financial sector, the climate of fear created in the West is affecting energy prices.Oil prices have soared this year, a trend that could hurt demand and put many economies at risk of recession, analysts said.An employee of a Swiss company said that energy prices have gradually approached the critical point of affecting economic development, which is a danger signal, many countries urgently need to solve the inflation problem, if energy prices continue to rise, economic growth will face obstacles.Ukraine was also screwed by the US this time.Ukraine’s President Volodymik Zelensky said 2022 has only just begun, yet $12.5 billion has already left the country and the country’s national debt has plummeted.Ukraine is now estimated to be losing $2 billion to $3 billion a month.Trade orders with Ukraine have been cancelled in droves.Not only that, but the International Insurance Organization said that as of February 14, it would no longer provide security guarantees for Ukrainian airspace.In the future, international flights to Ukraine will be affected.High inflation, stagnant economic growth and rising energy prices may be the last thing investors want to face.If tensions escalate between Russia and Ukraine, more countries in Europe will be affected.Generally speaking, investors view Treasury bonds as an emergency hedge investment means.However, as western countries continue to create a climate of panic, experts say there are no obvious guarantees.If Russia and Ukraine can peacefully resolve their conflicts through diplomatic means, it will have a positive impact on the economic development of Europe.