Old photos of the Republic of China: the hangman with a cigarette in his mouth, Shanghai Jewish residence permit

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1944 Shanghai Jewish refugee residence permit.During world War II, Thousands of Jews fled to Shanghai to avoid persecution during the Holocaust.However, in the memoirs of these Jews, there is little mention of this kindness, and some mention that the people who are most grateful are the Japanese.This is an executioner with a cigarette in his mouth, shot during the Republic of China, and it looks very infuriating.At the beginning of the Republic of China, the punishment of “beheading” had not been abolished, and the authorities could still behead heinous criminals.It was not until later that the Government of the Republic of China explicitly decreed that the death penalty of beheading should no longer be used, and that modern methods of shooting or hanging should be used instead.1931, Tianjin.During the Period of the Republic of China, king Zhou and Daji were performing the Peking Opera “The List of gods and Goddesses”.