It’s a gratuitous preference. It’s so tempting

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Someone said: “people always want to mature slowly, the flashy world to see more clearly, see the camouflage of the true, see the hidden false.A lot of things I once believed, I don’t believe anymore.”Time forces us to grow up and mature, to face the storm of life.But if you meet the person who spoils you as a child, you will feel that maturity is not so important.Have to admit, many moments in life, are difficult.Like the morning dragging tired body anxious shuttle in the subway platform;Working overtime and having trouble selling software but not knowing what to eat;I spend my weekends alone in a narrow space, wrapped in a thick blanket and watching TV dramas, or browsing wechat moments without any purpose, watching other people’s lives in various ways and feeling the passage of time in a day.In many lonely and difficult moments, I often want a hug, but this hug is not just a simple comfort and company between friends, but the feeling of being deeply remembered and taken care of by someone.Just like when the weather is cold, he will remind me to add clothes, when I work overtime, he will wait for me to come home in the days swallowed by loneliness, he will make time for me, accompany me through every spring, summer, autumn and winter.People come and go, running bobo, the happiness we are looking for all our lives, is not just love, but to be favored.Is a person who can stand firmly by your side, holding your hand, no matter wind or rain, eyes only have you for the rest of his life;Is a person can brave hardships through the sea of people, their purest love and romance are dedicated to you.Read such a news.A boy in Shandong province knew his girlfriend liked sunflowers, so he bought seeds and planted them in the ground outside his home.He carefully nursed the seeds to take root and germinate, and then gave the flowers he planted to the girls.She said that on their first date together, he made her a bunch of sunflowers by hand.After being together for so long, he often bought beautiful flowers from the florist and then wrapped them into bouquets for her. Now he even grows flowers himself.You can’t hide a smile in a girl’s voice.You see, the person who really loves you always knows how to love you.As Zhang Wei said: “the cold people are cold, because they did not meet their favorite people.”When you have people in your heart, you can’t help but cater to each other’s preferences, even love me, love my dog.The story of the Little Prince goes like this: “There are 400 million roses in my yard. Every morning, I would sit in my yard with a book in my hands. Passers-by would praise my roses, and some would try to take one or two away, but I would ignore them.Until one day you come, smile eyes narrow into a crescent, ask me, see what book?I knew all those four hundred million roses would be yours.”To the little prince, of all the roses on asteroid B612, his was the most special. One was more than all the others.To those who care about you, everyone else is passing, but you are unique and different.The so-called preference ah, probably is even if you do nothing, as long as you stand there, that person is already running to you.There is no shortage of romance and novelty in this world, but long-term companionship and unwavering preference always fascinate people.I hope you’ve met someone who believes in you, favors you, and supports you unconditionally.May you always be each other’s ferry boat.Someone ask you porridge can warm, someone accompany you stand dusk, someone has been holding you in the palm of your hand when a child, someone let you feel that the sky is high and the sea is wide, as long as he is in, it has been very at ease.Some love skin, some love passion, some love romance, some love family.Someone only loves you.As the poet Gu Cheng wrote to his wife: “Trains go and go, full of people, some good and some bad.You are not, you are a kind of individual person “.Favoritism, that’s what makes it special.There will be someone in the impermanence of the world, and you take root together, there will be someone into a roadside wine stone, let you rely on the rest of your life.Good night, sweet dreams.